Fortunately for the residents of Alaska, Anchorage has dental services which are as modern as any in the country. Among the Dentists Anchorage is at least one that completes at least 5 times the number of extra training hours per year than is necessary to continue practicing which means, rather than being behind other state dental services, the Anchorage dental service is ahead of most. The Denali Family Dental Center, as well as other services, also offers cosmetic dentistry and being conveniently located in Anchorage is in easy reach of most residents. Whereas regular dentistry is about looking after the health of the teeth and gums, cosmetic dentistry is concerned with the appearance of its patients, as far as the teeth are concerned. Unfortunately there are people that do not naturally have straight teeth or their teeth may be uneven and this may cause them to become a little self-conscious which could affect them both socially and professionally. In these cases a cosmetic dentist may recommend a reshaping procedure. This is a procedure that evens uneven teeth and straighten crocked ones. Cosmetic dentists also offer a whitening service which is far more effective than any product that may be advertised, besides, before you try any of those products, you should consult with your dentist anyway.

Bonding is another service which cosmetic dentists offer and this is a procedure that can repair chipped or broken teeth and fill gaps between teeth. Of course crowns of various materials can also be placed on damaged teeth to return their former strength. Crowns can be made from a variety of materials but although metal crowns may be stronger, ceramic or porcelain ones are less noticeable. Crowns can be fitted as either a permanent measure or just as a temporary one. Teeth implants are a more r4ecent procedure that many cosmetic dentists can perform and these procedures involve replacing missing teeth with artificial ones. For teeth implants to be recommended by a dentist, the jaw bone must be undamaged and strong and the gums cannot be receding. The reason for this is that an anchor will be fitted to the jaw bone which secures the artificial tooth and the gums will need to be healthy in order to help keep it in place.

All dental professionals though will offer advice as to keeping your teeth and gums healthy. This advice, as well as the usual regular brushing and flossing, may include using a mouthwash on a regular basis and avoiding certain foods. Although brushing and flossing may be able to kill or remove any bacteria around the teeth and gums, they cannot remove all the bacteria in the mouth and although a mouthwash will help keep your breath fresh, it will not be able to kill the bacteria on your tongue. For this reason a dentist may recommend brushing your tongue on a regular basis too. A soft toothbrush can be used for the front of the tongue but a tongue brush may be needed for the back.