One of the drugs that is commonly prescribed by medical practitioners to combat anxiety disorders is Xanax. It is a powerful medication that acts like a tranquilizer so that you can be relieved of your fears or excessive worries. It is also given to those who have a panic disorder to help them calm down. Before you take in this kind of medication, it is best to consult with your doctor first.

Xanax Withdrawal

Being dependent to Xanax can happen but the rate of how fast it happens will depend on the individual’s genes and metabolism. Some people can develop dependence during short term use while others can only develop dependence after prolonged use. A very high dose of this drug can certainly cause dependence so patients should just follow the required dosage. The withdrawal of this drug is similar to other withdrawals because it is uncomfortable too. Aside from the discomfort, there can be symptoms of withdrawal that you can observe too. Some withdrawal symptoms are really severe that they can even cause death.

Withdrawal from this drug can lead to hospitalization if not done properly. This is the reason why the best xanax treatment involves the patient to be admitted in a rehab facility where they can be monitored and supervised by medical professionals. Abrupt removal of Xanax is not done because it can lead to violent symptoms that can be life threatening. Instead, the rehabilitation facilities would provide a program that would gradually decrease the amount of Xanax provided to you until such time that there is no more Xanax given to your body.

There are some medications that can be given to patients who are undergoing the detoxification of Xanax in their system. These medications help lessen the withdrawal symptoms so that patients would be more comfortable. Patients are also monitored by psychoanalysts and therapist to help determine their current state during the process of detoxification. Once the Xanax is completely out of the system, the real challenge of not having a relapse starts.

Continuous Treatment

In patients who live in rehab facilities can stay there during the withdrawal stage but once the Xanax is out of their system, they can go back to their lives. The meetings with the therapists and psychiatrist still happen even after they are released from the rehabilitation facilities. The patients can meet up with them for as long as they like and for as long as they think they need to. The patients will also be taught of other ways on how they can deal with whatever it is that is causing them to use such kind of drug. With the help and support of the family members and friends, patients who were once addicted to Xanax can leave a clean and healthy life without ever having to use that kind of drug again. It is important to inform the family about the patient’s need for their support so that they can lessen the patient’s exposure to his or her triggers.